ELL & Atty: THE Best Luxe Novelty Sock on The Market

by tomspicks, August 04, 2020, 1233 views

Named after their four dogs, ELL & Atty is a Louisiana based, family-owned company that makes eye-catching luxury socks. If you are a style-conscious, trendy gentleman, these socks are made for you! Especially, if you love dogs (and getting sock compliments left and right).

To sweeten the deal, ELL & Atty gives back to the animal (and human) community through their generous philanthropy programs. In this review, we take a closer look at the brand and let you know what we think of their stylish luxe socks after a month of testing.



Made with Peruvian Pima Cotton and Spandex, these socks give you a luxurious feel. We found them to be breathable, buttery soft to the touch, and having a comfortable compression.


The socks we tested are made from 75% Peruvian Pima Cotton, 23% Nylon and 2% Spandex. The sustainably sourced Pima Cotton is famous for its durability, breathability, and comfort, thanks to its long staple. ELL & Atty’s impressive line-up also includes other premium materials such as Cashmere and Wool, apart from Alpaca and Cotton.


The socks have endured rigorous Machine Wash Testing and are sure to last you hundreds of washes. That’s due the superior manufacturing coupled with a strong composition. Aside from the resilient Pima Cotton from Peru, the socks are imbued with nylon for added wear-resistance, and a touch of Spandex for added stretchiness and grip.

Design & Manufacturing

Dress to Express

The fun novelty designs are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face, including your own, anywhere you go. We found that they trigger compliments, too. 🙂

Design Options

I’ve personally tested mainly the novelty options, but ELL & Atty makes everything from more traditional, dressy designs to sports-oriented Cool Max footies that will fit your low tops or runners in a pinch. In short, you can find the perfect sock for anything from office and business meetings to night-outs and gym use. 


The socks are meticulously spun and sewn in Peru, using local, sustainably sourced Pima Cotton.


A Breath of Fresh Air – For Your Feet

Ethically sourced Long-Staple Peruvian Pima Cotton makes the socks unbelievably soft and breathable.

No-Slip Grip

Thanks to the Spandex blend, your socks always stay up and conform to your leg shape. Particularly nice as they stay reliably put when you’re wearing a suit.


Picking the size is the easiest part! You don’t have to at all. With One Size Fits Most, these socks will fit most men (Men’s Size 9-13).

Customer Service

Contact Options

Should you ever need to contact ELL & Atty, you can do so via email, phone, and even through Facebook Messenger.

100% Happiness Guarantee

ELL & Atty provide a no questions asked return policy, meaning full satisfaction with zero risks to you. If for any reason at all, you decide to return the product, their friendly team will refund you in full. 

“We want you to love what you wear!”


If you also happen to love puppies, you’ll love this. When you purchase the limited edition LA/SPCA socks, ELL & Atty matches 100% of the profits to pets in need. The funds go straight to LASPCA (Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). You can also directly donate to shelter from the company’s site.

Animal Welfare is a persistent theme throughout the company’s ethos, but ELL & Atty are also supporting the (human) community. Currently, through their NOLA Nurse Love program, where they are helping local businesses and healthcare workers affected by the recent COVID pandemic.

Thus, not only are you giving your feet a well-deserved treat, by wearing ELL & Atty, you’re also making a real difference – where it matters most!

Our Experience

What we particularly loved about the product, while testing it: 

  • Super soft and comfy 🤗
  • Eye-catching designs ✨
  • Getting compliments wearing the socks through airport security (you know, when you have to take off your shoes and go through the giant scannamatron thing). 😎

Besides, according to scientific research, philanthropy is directly associated with higher levels of happiness.

In Summary

We love the product as well as the brand values of ELL & Atty. Outstanding craftsmanship, sustainably sourced premium materials, excellent comfort, and conversation-sparking designs. All while giving back to the community (including our four-legged friends). Throughout our testing, we’ve come to enjoy these socks so much that we’re definitely keeping them. On our feet, mostly.

Therefore, we highly recommend you check them out. In particular, if you are a style-conscious gentleman who appreciates great quality and comfort. If you happen to be a dog lover, these socks are truly everything your feet could ever wish for.

At the end of the day, we are confident that when you pick up a few pairs of ELL & Atty socks, with dogs or otherwise, your feet and the community will be forever thankful!