Litter Robot 3 Connect Review

by tomspicks, July 17, 2020, 842 views
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One reason cats are so popular, besides being the Internet’s official animal, is their low maintenance. While they need attention and love, most cats won’t care if you’re gone for a while, and they don’t need to be taken outside to do their business.

Speaking of which, one of the more annoying parts about being a cat owner is the litter box. Every day, you have to clean it out and no matter the litter quality, it stinks!

Automatic litter boxes have made this process a bit more tolerable, but they can vary in quality, especially if you buy one in the $100 budget. If you’re looking for a litter box that will truly automate the process, the Litter Robot is one to check out.

It looks like a space pod, and it’s a little pricey. Today, we’ll be looking at the Litter Robot 3 Connect, which goes for around $500. Is it worth that price tag? Let’s find out.

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What it Does

It’s an automatic litter box that saves you time maintaining your cat’s litter. When your cat steps in the pod and does its business, the Litter Robot 3 has a timer when the cat steps out. After a few minutes, the inside of the Litter Robot rotates clockwise. As it does so, the clean litter goes into a grate and is stored. Then, the dirty litter goes into the wastebasket below. Once that is finished, the litter box rotates back, and the clean litter goes back. You can also clean it out manually through the “cycle” button. There is also an “empty” button, which we will discuss in a bit, and a “reset” button, which can cancel the timer or cycles.

If you need to replace the litter altogether, you can hit the “empty” button, which causes the litter box to rotate counterclockwise so all the litter goes into the wastebasket.

Because the wastebasket is sealed, you don’t smell anything, and it’s easy to take out the basket and dump the litter for disposal when the basket is full. You need to do this every week or so, depending on how many cats you have.

The Litter Robot has an inviting blue light, helping your cats to see it in the dark. It also has some steps to allow your cat easy access.

Overall, we found the Litter Robot does its job quite well. We found no problems with its sensors. The only downside is that when emptying, some of the wet litter can stick to the interior, meaning you may need to scrape it out. However, this may depend on what type of litter you get. Also, we did find that sometimes, a bit of litter got out, but a litter mat fixes that problem.


When you order the Litter Robot, it does come fully assembled. You just need to remove the plastic film from it, plug it in, and make some small adjustments if needed. No having to read an overly complex manual.

WiFi Features

One feature of the Connect is that you can connect it to WiFi and use the Litter Robot app to control your litter box. There is a waste level gauge, which can give you an estimation of when you need to clean out the litter box. We did find that the gauge could be a little inaccurate, telling you it’s full when there was still plenty of space, but it is a nice feature.

Besides that, you can control the litter box, (cycle it manually, control the timer, etc.) give the litter box a name, view its device history, and look at how often your cats are using it.

One downside is that we got notifications saying there was a fault with the sensor when it was just because a cat was using it.

With updates, some of the smart features may be ironed out. The Connect is around $50 more than the original, which doesn’t have WiFi, so this may or may not be worth it depending on who you are.

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The Litter Robot is well worth the price. Cat owners can spend a lot of time cleaning out the litter box, and this handy robot helps automate that process. With its big wastebasket, it’s also good for when you’re on vacation. The cat-sitter doesn’t have to worry as much!

By the way, if you’re unsure of paying that much upfront, you can buy the Litter Robot through PayPal Credit, which allows you to pay over time for six months without any interest.