Morgan’s Beard Oil Review – Beard Care Made Easy

by tomspicks, July 19, 2020, 948 views

There’s a time and place for growing a beard properly. Among others, good beard oil is needed if you care about your presentation. Even more, daily application ensures your beard is soft and not itchy.

After trying most beard care products, I’ve settled for Morgan’s Beard Oil. It lasts a bit longer on the beard and it also smells good. What’s in it and do you need it? Find it below.

Morgan beard oil ingredients

  • Argan oil
  • Sweet almond Oil
  • Indian peppermint
  • Teat tree oil
  • Mandarin essential oil

When to apply Morgan’s beard oil?

Since a beard needs to look good every day, you can apply the beard oil as often as needed. Morgan’s recommends applying it in small quantities on your hands first and then massaging it into your beard. I find this approach the best as well. If you love long beards, you’ll also need to use a comb.

You can apply beard oil early in the morning or before going to bed. Since it’s mostly made from essential oils also used in hair care products, it will get absorbed by the hair follicles within an hour. If you don’t like shiny beards, you also need to know the glossy look is gone minutes after application.

How does it smell?

The beard oil only comes with a mild scent. There’s a hint of mandarin in the opening which favors using the product in the summer. But you can easily apply it during the winter as well, as this is when your beard is going to be most vulnerable to low temperature and high winds which can dehydrate the hair follicles.

Source: IG @zapojkabel

Is it any good?

Morgan’s is a company which is already known for its high-quality products. The beard oil has never caused any irritation to my skin. In turn, it acts to calm the skin when stubble starts to grow.

Argan oil is used as a base. This type of essential oil is known for its natural fatty acids, Vitamin E, and high antioxidants content which help nourish your beard. If your beard is losing elasticity, prolonged used of argan oil should make it softer and tangle-free.

Sweet almond oil also helps your beard grow healthier. The difference compared to argan oil is its high protein content. Proteins are needed for thick hair both on your head and in your beard.

An interesting ingredient in the beard oil is the Indian peppermint. Known for its distinct fresh scent, this extract improves circulation. As a result, beard hair follicles can grow better, even if your beard won’t necessarily grow thicker.

One of the most expensive ingredients in the beard oil is tea tree oil. It’s an extract known for its healing action and it is regularly used in skin treatments as well as in hair treatments for dandruff.

Final words

Morgan’s did a great job with its beard oil. There’s also a Brazilian Orange version out now, but both are dominated by mandarin-citrus notes. However, you shouldn’t expect a long-lasting scent with any of these as the fragrance tends to evaporate sooner than with other beard oils.

The main reason you want to use the beard oil continuously is for its hair-repair and hydration action. However, its benefits are not going to be visible if you don’t apply it at least a few times per week. As with the shampoo, it’s the consistency of use that’s at least as important as the product’s formulation for a healthy-looking beard.