Nest secure home – Is it worth your money?

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Smart thermostats, smart video doorbells, and integration with smart mobile devices are common features, and ways smart home security technology works. These security systems are becoming incredibly famous and reliable for most people.

Home automation has allowed people to get more convenience and peace of mind. These systems not only give you alerts and notifications for theft incidents but also have multiple other functions.

They secure entry points and use sensors and detectors on multiple locations of the house that can be centrally controlled through one single mobile application. Real-time monitoring of your home remotely allows many people to enjoy the benefits of a smart home security system.

One of these many security options is Nest Secure home security. It is patented by Google and started first by the launch of a smart Nest Thermostat. Today, Nest security systems have a wide variety of security system upgrades and add-ups. Let’s take a look at whether this security system is worth the hype – and worth your money.

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What’s in the package

Let’s first begin by taking a look at what comes in the Nest secure system package.

Nest Guard

Nest Guard is a desktop device that needs to be powered through an electric plug. The device is the main hub; it features a motion sensor that enables a loud alarm. The Nest Guard is used to arm or disarm the nest tag and set a passcode as well.

The Nest Application is also connected through the Nest Guard and can be synced with other Nest equipment.

Nest Tag

Nest Tag is like a key fob used for the Nest Guard. It arms or disarms the Nest Guard without needing a passcode, allowing you to take quick actions without any further delay. The package includes 2 Nest tags, but you can buy additional ones if you want your friends or family to have one.

Nest detect

The benefit of using the Nest Secure home security system is that it automates several locations and spots of your home that are vulnerable to accidents and thefts. Therefore, the Nest Detect is a cylinder-shaped device that is installed on doors and/or windows. It can also be installed on a wall. It detects, senses, and monitors motion.

Nest application

The mobile application for Nest security system is where the centralized control and monitoring happens. The application is available for both Android and iOS devices. It comes with real-time notifications and alarms that can be accessed and made use of from anywhere.

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Initially, when buying the Nest Secure Home Security System, you will have to pay a price of about $400. The price will increase if you buy additional equipment along, such as Nest Camera.

The benefit of buying the Nest Security system kit is that it does not require professional monitoring; therefore, there are no monitoring costs. However, if you do need a professional monitor, you can opt for it but with extra charges.

The extra charges for professional monitoring are as follows:

  • $19 monthly, based on a contract of three years
  • $29 for a monthly basis without any commitment

The extra equipment you can buy with the Nest Guard include:

  • Nest thermostat: can cost anywhere between $170 to $250
  • Additional tags: Each additional tag costs $25
  • Nest Cam: Indoor cam costs $200, outdoor cam costs $300
  • Nest Video doorbell: Costs $250


The advanced home security system by Google has a range of features to offer and is designed to bring more convenience to your life. Here is a list of advantages you can get from the Nest Secure system.

  • Easy installation

The system is particularly known for the DIY installation it comes with. It is very easy to use and install, as well.

  • Professional assistance available for installation

Say you are unable to install the system all by yourself; you can easily get professional assistance provided by manufacturers themselves. This adds further convenience for people who are not very tech-savvy or are using something like this for the first time.

  • Covers all areas of the home

While competitors’ products are basic sensors and alarms, the Nest Secure home security system is designed to cover several areas and locations of the house. You can use them on windows, doors, and walls as well.

  • Face recognition

Equipped with advanced technology, the Nest security system comes with face recognition. Even though the device takes some time to get used to the face, it works smoothly and efficiently after that.

  • Integrates with third-party technologies

Whether you need to use the devices with Wi-Fi or cellular network, if you need to integrate any other third-party technology, the Nest system fully permits it.


Keeping in mind all the pros of the Google patented security system, let’s not forget that there are some significant drawbacks as well. Let’s take a look:

  • Add-on equipment costs more

If you have more windows, walls, and doors to cover, you will need to buy the nest detectors separately and pay the extra cost. Plus, other equipments such as cameras and thermostats are also not cheap. The upgrades are important and beneficial, but surely do cost more.

  • Customer service is not the best

Many people report that this security system comes with poor, unresponsive customer support.

  • Equipment fee

The initial cost of the Nest guard is $400. If you wish to have professional monitoring, it can cost you further. This might not be the most affordable option out there.

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To conclude, we think that the best way to make a smart choice about choosing a smart security system in your house depends on your budget and your purpose. If you are looking for something very techy and need it to be advanced as well as easy to use, then the Nest Secure home security system by Google is your best choice. While the budget can be an issue, other incredible features make up for the money spent on it.