Ring Video Doorbell 2 – Another Set of Eyes

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Ring Video Doorbell 2 – Another Set of Eyes

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The world was a different place just a few short decades ago. If someone showed up at your front door for an unannounced visit, it wasn’t as uncommon as it is today. It could be that people were friendlier back then, but it probably has as much to do with the state our world is in that people either don’t feel like having their space and time intruded upon without an invitation or they worry about the safety of a stranger showing up at their door. There’s also concern about home security when you’re away from home, and not everyone can afford to have an expensive home security system installed in their home.

Fortunately, there’s a solution for these problems that’s a little less costly and much more convenient in the form of Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell 2. The original Ring was designed to be a virtual video peep hole for your door so that you could see anyone that came to your door through an app on your smartphone. The original, while popular among its users, was initially plagued with the kinds of bugs you would expect from a first-generation product. The brainchild of inventor Jamie Siminoff, who was rejected by the investors on Shark Tank where he first presented the product, Ring was purchased by Amazon in 2018 for $1 Billion, and quite a bit of improvement came with the second generation Ring, as well as expansion of the brand’s product line.

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A Doorbell Upgrade

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is designed to be easily installed in place of your current doorbell and features two face plates (Satin Nickel and Venetian), so you can choose which one better matches the outside color of your home. Unlike the first-generation Ring, Ring Video Doorbell 2 features a removable rechargeable battery, but the battery lasts a long time. I’ve had the Ring 2 for almost a year, and I haven’t had to take the battery out to charge it yet, though there are some users who report that the battery life was closer to six months than a year. The camera on the device features a 160° horizontal and 90° vertical field-of-view. And, of course, if a visitor presses the button on the device, it works like a normal doorbell, but with an added convenience.

The Convenience of Not Answering Your Door

The Ring 2’s camera connects to the Ring app, which you can download for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, so you can see visitors on your doorstep in real-time in crisp 1080p HD video. This alone would make the device worth the cost of $199, but what makes it really convenient is that within the app, you can listen to any sounds outside your door through the device’s built-in microphone. With an added built-in speaker, you can “answer” the door without ever opening the door by speaking into the Ring app, and the doorbell will broadcast your voice to your visitor in real-time. This enables you to have a conversation with your visitor without having to actually see the person face-to-face. So if it’s a door-to-door salesman, you could tell them you’re not interested through the Ring device. Of course, you could also just not answer, but you never know if someone’s coming to your door for an important reason. A representative from the electric company, for example, or if you’ve ordered food to be delivered and you just want the delivery person to leave the food outside your door.

Having the ability to virtually answer your door also has the added benefit of allowing you to answer the door even if you’re not home. If your very capable children are at home by themselves, for example, but you don’t want to give some seedy individual the impression that your kids are vulnerable because you’re not at home, you can talk to a visitor through Ring, and, as far as your visitor knows, you’re at home and don’t want to be bothered.

A Sense of Security

In fact, with the built-in camera and motion detection, you can give your home a measure of security because intruders are less likely to break into a house where they know they’re being watched. The motion detector is highly sensitive, and it sometimes even catches small insects crawling in its field-of-vision. With the motion detector, you know you have a visitor before they ever ring the doorbell. You’ll receive an alert on your phone or device that has the Ring app installed, and you can easily pull up the live view of the device’s camera. The app does have a bit of lag to it, however, so you might be waiting a few seconds after clicking on the notification to actually see who is at your door.

Minor Drawbacks

The only other criticism of the device is that it’s sometimes difficult to understand someone’s voice through the speaker. There’s a bit of a buzzy muffled sound that requires you to really pay close attention to what the person on the other end is saying. Don’t be surprised if a visitor has to ask you to repeat yourself.

It might also be viewed as a criticism by some users that Ring doesn’t allow you to go back and view previously recorded video unless you subscribe to their Ring Video Recording Plan. You can pay monthly at $3.00 per month or yearly at $30.00 per year. If you don’t have a subscription to their recording plan and you miss an alert for some reason, you won’t be able to go back and see what you missed. Though the fact that this isn’t included with the purchase of the device is frustrating, for the considerably low cost of the service and the protection and convenience it provides, the price is worth it.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 has revolutionized the door answering experience, and for the reasonable cost of $199, it’s worth checking into for its convenience and a heightened sense of security.