Samson G-Track Review – Is it Worth it Today?

by tomspicks, July 20, 2020, 974 views

Source: IG @samson_technologies

If you’re interested in making podcasts, you need a good microphone. The simplest route is to go with a reliable USB condenser microphone which can easily connect to your computer without specialized audio cables.

Samson G-Track is still considered a legend. This microphone had a good price and a solid audio recording profile for both vocals and instrumental music. Today, there’s a new G-Track out, the G-Track Pro. The question is – should you still get the Samson G-Track if you find it in an audio equipment store?

Samson G-Track features

  • Designed with a large 19mm diaphragm of studio-level recording
  • It connects via USB with a 48kHz resolution
  • Made with a plug-and-play design (no drivers required)
  • Supercardioid (wider pickup angle compared to cardioid microphones) pickup system
  • Made with a frequency response between 20Hz and 16kHz
  • Designed with volume, instrument, and microphone controls
  • Made with a durable heavy mesh grill
  • The microphone sits on a heavy desk stand

Here’s how the microphones hold up at a first glance

Samson’s G-Track looks good, but not many expect it to pack all of these features in such a small body. If you’re not new to the world of microphones, you might not expect much from a desk setup.

But the microphone represents an affordable choice for a computer recording setup. This includes a setup where you record YouTube videos. What I like most about the microphone is how it combines its features to offer a simple product in the end that anybody can use without prior recording knowledge.

The G-Track records line and level mic signals at the same time, which means it also records instruments as well as voice. If you want a bit of real-time feedback, you can also feel like in a professional recording studio by connecting your jack headphones to the microphone.

These channels can be adjusted in volume from the microphone itself, without turning to specialized recording software. For example, you can simply adjust the recording volume of the vocals and the instruments from the front-facing buttons on the G-track.

G-Track performance for singers

If you’re a singer at the beginning of a promising career, you don’t have the money to spend on the most expensive recording equipment. However, you might own a laptop which is all that’s needed with the G-Track.

Of course, the sound quality is not going to be up there with the likes of professional microphones. But it gets you started and this is what matters in the end.

The G-Track is an awesome learning tool as well. It teaches you how to record on the left channel and the right channel as you can split the stereo recording to mono recording when needed.

Who can use the Samson G-Track?

Apart from podcasters and musicians, Samson’s condenser microphone might also be useful for voiceover actors. If you’re a freelancer working on Upwork or Freelancer, you might also need a microphone which only picks up your voice properly. Your acting jobs might be just around the corner.

It can also be seen as a value-based purchase since it also ships with a heavy mic stand. You might notice most professional microphones come with no stand at all. There’s no other purchase required with the G-Track to get started.


  • The microphone is easy to use for newbies
  • It includes a solid desk stand
  • The sound quality is beyond expectations


  • Very heavy as it weighs 3.52lbs

Samson G-Track vs Samson G-Track Pro

Samson also took user feedback seriously with the release of the Samson G-Track Pro. The Pro version is now very popular with gaming streams as it’s seen on a few Twitch channels. With an enhanced 50Hz to 20kHz recording frequency, the microphone is somewhat similar to the original G-Track.

However, the new pro version has a cardioid polar recording pattern, which means you don’t need to sit as close to it as with the original microphone.

The Samson G-Track remains a practical choice to record voice and instruments directly to your laptop. It’s also one of those microphones built to last with its die-cast zinc construction.