The Brilliant Factor: A Comprehensive Supplement Lineup

by tomspicks, September 22, 2020, 844 views

Working from home, adapting to a new lifestyle due to Covid, you could say I’m in a bit of a rut. My brain feels foggy, my eating habits are inconsistent and feature too many frozen pizzas, and my workout routine is wavering.

 All things considered, I figured there’s no better time to invest in my health – probably a better use of my time than another hour of online poker.

I have a buddy who’s what you would call a supplement connoisseur. He swears they’ve turned his life around, making him more productive, increasing his stamina, heck, even helping with dating. So I figured maybe they could help me get out this slump.

He cautioned me to be weary on my search, because buying supplements can often feel like rolling the dice – you don’t really know how effective they’re going to be until you try them, especially considering they’re not regulated, so companies can claim all kinds of benefits without having to back them up with evidence.

The Brilliant Factor appealed to me because of their commitment to quality, transparency, and research-backed results (not to mention a 100% satisfaction guarantee).


First Impressions: Quality Ingredients with Data to Back Them Up 

Upon receiving my supplements, I did a close examination of the ingredients listed to cross-reference on Google to see what I was working with. I was pleased to see they were connected with data-driven, test-proven results. Based on my findings, it seemed like The Brilliant Factor had curated some of the most effective supplement ingredients on the market. I planned out my complete supplement schedule and looked forward to what would come next.  


Brilliant Brain Health

  • Brain fog has been my biggest struggle the past few months, so I was eager for something that would help improve my sharpness and focus. Within a few days, I started to notice a shift in my work performance: it was easier to get into my productive flow and stay there, along with multi-tasking more effectively and making decisions at a higher speed with more confidence. By the second week, I was cutting down on my caffeine consumption. Staying productive and on-task throughout the day has been less of a challenge and honestly more enjoyable overall.

Brilliant Gut Health 

  • Considering my recent diet has consisted primarily of beef jerky and peanut butter, my gut hasn’t exactly been pleased with me. Probiotics have been hot recently, so I was initially skeptical. Overall, my gut seems pleased. I’m less bloated and even having less cravings (I’m not sure this is an intended result, but I’ll take it).


Brilliant Joint & Bone

  • I’ve been playing soccer most of my life, so there’s a lot of wear and tear I’ve done on my joints. I often get random knee pain, which I typically ignore. But within a few weeks of taking Brilliant Joint & Bone, I noticed some relief. It’s also reassuring to know that I’m taking care of the joints and bones that will be with me for life.

Happy Body & Mind

  • Between a busy job working from home, an inconsistent sleep schedule, and, oh, I don’t know, living through a pandemic, I’ve been experiencing higher-than-usual levels of anxiety. So when I read that this supplement could reduce stress, I was all about it. I’ve been falling asleep quicker and staying asleep longer, which has improved my overall health. I also find that I’m getting less worked up during the day as my moods seem more even.

Brilliant Heart Health

  • I’ve had high cholesterol for a few years now (maybe it’s the jerky?), so heart health has been on my radar. Considering all the meds out there for heart health (which have all kinds of unintended consequences), I’d much rather take a supplement.

Cost/Value: Invest in Health Now or Pay for It Later

The supplements aren’t cheap, but remember that you don’t need to get them all at once like I did. It’s also important to note that the price reflects the quality ingredients they contain. If you’re on a limited budget, I’d say figure out your main area of concern and start there. When you consider the cost of medications or medical bills down the road, the cost of high-quality supplements doesn’t seem so unrealistic. I figure the more I invest in my health now, the less I’ll have to pay to fix it later down the road.

User Tips: Pay Attention to When/How to Take Them

When and how you take supplements affects their bioavailability, so make sure to read the directions on the back of the label to figure out if you should take it before eating, with food, with a glass of water, etc. Adding supplements is a lifestyle shift, so it can take a bit of adjusting to get into the daily habit (an alarm on your phone helps). 

Takeaway: Improved Productivity, Better Mood, Feeling Good Physically

I’ve felt an improvement across the board, from less aches and pains to mental sharpness and an improved mood. Overall, I feel better in my body. Getting up in the morning is less of a struggle as is winding down at night. My productivity is up, and I’m not having to reach for that afternoon coffee to make it through the day. Considering my recent struggle to perform mentally and physically, I’m grateful for the added boost, making each day easier and more pleasant.

If you want to learn more about The Brilliant Factor and what makes them so great, you can check them out at TheBrilliantFactor.com.