Warriors & Scholars: Incredibly Comfortable & Confidence Boosting 

by tomspicks, 4 weeks ago, 115 views

I’m gonna be honest, I’ve spent little time thinking about underwear. Previously to my recent shift, I literally bought my underwear in bulk at Costco.

But my girlfriend has gotten tired of my same old boring and “worn-out” boxer briefs, so she’s been eager for me to try something new. “Don’t you want something… more colorful?” she’d ask after mentioning that surely there’s underwear out there that would fit me better. 

Reluctant but willing, I gave her the green light to shop around and see what she could find. 

After doing some Google research, she eventually landed on Warriors & Scholars. Impressed by their wide variety of patterns and designs, she was happy to see the reasonable price tag (especially when compared with other “luxury” underwear brands out there). 

Taking a look at the designs, I had to admit that they’re pretty cool. With an added interest, I picked out a few packs and reassured my old undies that I wouldn’t forget about them. 

First Impressions: Soft Fabric, Vibrant & Cool Designs 

Taking a pair out of the packaging, I was instantly shocked at how soft the fabric is — I guess that’s why they call it luxury, huh? I was actually excited to try them on and see how they felt against my skin. Plus, I was pleased with how the print showed up on the fabric; sometimes when you order stuff online with a cool design, it ends up being totally underwhelming in person, so I was happy that that wasn’t the case with Warriors & Scholars

Experiences: Incredibly Comfortable & Form-Fitting, Shockingly Confidence-Boosting 

Slipping on a pair, the first thing I noticed was how nicely they fit me — snug in all the right places without feeling tight, restrictive or suffocating. 

As I continued to wear them day after day, I began to notice something — I was spending more time side-eyeing myself in the mirror when I was getting dressed in the morning. There was something about the fit and design that made me feel, well, confident. I guess when you’ve gotten used to wearing the same basic underwear your whole life, you forget there’s a whole world out there of underwear that just might be better. 

The true test came when I went to the gym — nothing’s worse than trying to adjust your briefs in public or having to endure them riding up while working out. Luckily, W&S exceeded my expectations — they didn’t rise up once, no matter whether I was doing cardio or weights. The fabric is light while still providing sufficient support. And best of all, they’re super breathable, so none of that sticky, clingy-ness that makes you feel gross after a hard workout. 

Cost/Value: Best Quality Bang for Your Buck 

So previously to this personal underwear revolution, I had no idea what the typical cost of luxury underwear was, but turns out it can be shockingly expensive. Like upwards of $25+ for one pair of underwear. And call me basic, but I believe the average dude should be able to treat himself to a nice pair of underwear without having to sacrifice a date night or two in the name of it. W&S ranges from $30-70 for a 6-pack, which doesn’t even come close to other brands claiming similar quality, design, and fit. 

Takeaway: A “Luxury” Boxer Brief for the Common Man  

Overall, Warrior & Scholars boxer briefs are extremely comfortable and tick all my boxes: breathable, don’t ride up, great support, and fit well, with the added bonus of cool, original designs. Oh, and my girlfriend LOVES them, which is a big plus. 

Most surprising was how much wearing stylish, well-fitting underwear has boosted my self-esteem. On days when I wear W&S, I notice an added pep in my step, walking with a bit more confidence and swagger.